LP Inspection Group is operated by Frank and Anthony LoCoco, a father-and-son team of dedicated home inspection professionals who are proud to provide superior property inspection services for clients throughout San Diego County.

Home Inspector Anthony LoCoco

Anthony LoCoco

Outside of being a home inspector, Anthony currently serves as a Fire Captain, having worked in the fire service for nearly 15 years. Some of Anthony’s duties have included performing detailed inspections to ensure that residential properties adhere to strict regulations for fire safety and structural integrity—and as a professional home inspector, Anthony remains committed to ensuring that residential structures meet high standards of quality so that his clients are protected.

Anthony also spent 8 years earning his CIEC certification so that he’s able to provide comprehensive Indoor Air Quality Investigations for his clients. As an expert in indoor air quality, Anthony is able to take your home inspection one step further to ensure that your investment is safe, healthy, and a truly fit living space for your family.

When he’s not inspecting homes, Anthony spends a great deal of time helping his three children with the various sports and other extracurricular activities they’re involved in. Anthony is also a full-time wildland fire captain—and he is currently attending law school to earn a JD with a primary focus on legal matters in the construction industry.

Thermal Imagine Home Inspector

Frank LoCoco

Anthony’s father Frank has an extensive history in the construction industry, having worked as a licensed contractor for over 40 years. Frank’s strong foundation of knowledge stems from hands-on experience in virtually every aspect of home-building and repair, and he has the rare distinction of specializing in work on older homes.

With Frank’s eyes on your prospective investment, you can rest assured that you’ll be receiving an accurate and unbiased assessment of the home that will leave you in a position where you know exactly what needs to be done in order to establish terms that you’re satisfied with before making an investment decision.

Frank enjoys spending time with his grandchildren—all 11 of them! Frank is also a long-time cigar aficionado.

Staying Connected Is All Part of the Plan

We strive to keep our clients in the loop from beginning to end and well beyond when we inspect a home—and one way in which we accomplish this is by inviting every client to be present for their home inspection so that we can thoroughly go over our findings for each area of the home in person

If you’ve still got unanswered questions after your home inspection report has been delivered, just give us a call—whether days or months have passed, we’ll be happy to work with you to ensure that you have a solid understanding of the home before moving forward with a final buying decision

Trust us when we say that we completely understand what it’s like to have a constantly busy schedule—that’s why we offer home inspection appointments 7 days a week to lessen the strain of trying to get an appointment scheduled before time has run out

Detailed Home Inspections

LP Inspection Group provides a detail-oriented home inspection that will help to ensure that your future home is a memorable investment for all the right reasons—giving you insights into potential defects that you can address with the seller of the home to save yourself from bearing the full financial brunt of unexpected home repairs.

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